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Asset Based on Lending Funding Program Secured by A/R

UCVC's  Asset Based Lending: When your business needs a more flexible loan structure, we respond quickly and decisively. After closing, we provide a high level of personalized service to help you seamlessly manage your financial operations.

Asset based loans (ABL) provide companies with working capital, buyout and recapitalization/restructuring financing and asset management services to businesses for paying operating expenses, funding inventory and purchasing capital expenditures such as equipment.

Transaction Size: Revolving lines of credit starting at $100,000.

Criteria: Most companies qualifying for a UCVCs  asset-based loan will be B2Bs (business-to-business) in manufacturing, wholesale, distribution and/or servicing generating commercial accounts receivable invoices. In most cases, yearly sales must exceed $500,000.

If asset based lending is right for you, Please contact.

What is an Asset Based Loan?

A commercial asset based loan provides businesses with immediate funds and ongoing cash flow based on a percentage of the value of your companys assets such as commercial accounts receivable, inventory, business equipment and machinery, and recurring revenue contracts. Funds from asset based finance can be used for day-to-day operating expenses, or as capital for restructuring, turnarounds, mergers and acquisitions and buyouts.

 How does Asset Based Lending provide working capital?

UCVC assigns your business a revolving line of credit based on a percentage of each of the qualifying asset classes. You may draw on your line of credit whenever needed and pay back to increase availability for future use. You only pay interest on the funds youve drawn down so overall, its less expensive than a term loan.

 Why Asset Based Financing?

UCVC can custom tailor an asset based loan that fits your business needs. Asset based finance can be underwritten relatively quickly and easily by UCVC to get you the funding that you need when you need it. Because it is often provided on a revolving line of credit, you draw down only what you need. Asset based loans are generally cost effective and competitive relative to other financial options. Because of UCVCs expertise and internal resources, we can move faster than traditional financial institutions.

Who is using Asset Based Lines of Credit Facilities?

UCVC provides asset based lines of credit to growing small businesses, medium businesses and large companies. Businesses can tap into their assets for working capital to support growth and help fund through seasonal and cyclical periods or turnaround situations. UCVCcan provide funding quicker and easier than traditional lending institutions making UCVCthe premier choice of businesses that require a higher level of service and flexibility.

When Asset Based Lending

Learn more today about how asset based financing can help your business grow or turnaround. Find out why UCVC is one of the fastest growing and largest independent commercial lending companies in the United States. A personalized loan management team C an Account Executive and an Analyst C are assigned to your business and serve as your partners and advocates, closely monitoring the collateral and your business and helping you manage your financial operations. Online reporting allows you access to your account in order to monitor your daily availability to draw down on your line of credit.

Supplementary Services to Asset Based Lending

UCVC offers a wide range of supplementary services which can compliment asset based loans as well as provide protection against risk and support back-office operations.

UCVC offers credit protection which allows you to get paid if your customer or client is financially unable to.

Ask how UCVC can turn your back-office fixed expenses into variable expenses by scaling and leveraging UCVCs experience, expertise and efficiencies. UCVCs back-office services provide world class support to run various or all bookkeeping, credit and collection functions.

If you are currently doing international business or desire to do so, we have the staff and services to help get you there with innovative programs with the Prompt, Professional and Reliable service you expect from UCVC.

To get started with an asset-based loan, please contact us.

Ask us about our Asset-Based Lending programs, Our various Asset-Based Lending programs are designed to meet the different needs of our customers, no matter you are small or medium or large businesses, you will always find a proper funding programs for you here in UCVC

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