UCVC's Bank Program
Benefits of Working With UCVC's Bank Program

Working Capital Benefits Banks Working With UCVC

 The primary benefits of banks working with UCVC via UCVC’s Bank Affiliate  Program are as follows:

  • Banks Generate new and recurring deposits from customers the bank would normally have to turn away.
  • Banks Maintain deposits from customers the bank would otherwise lose.
  • Banks Earn additional fees on new or maintained deposits.
  • Banks Forge relationships for future business with new and existing clients.
  • Banks Create a pipeline of potential new loans.
  • Banks Offer services the bank does not currently provide.

Bank Deposit Growth Powered by the Bank Affiliation Program

Below is an example of the power of the Bank Program:

If the bank referred just six transactions to UCVC per year and the average size of each transaction was $200,000 in factored monthly receivables (this would equate to a business having about $2,400,000 in annual sales), then the bank would:

  • Gain or maintain over $14,000,000 in deposits it would otherwise not have recognized.
  • Earn new additional fees on $14,000,000 in deposits, without incurring any additional risk or expense.

UCVC's Bank Affiliation is a win-win for UCVC and the bank as the bank maintains or creates new deposits and earns additional fee income on transactions outside the normal range of products offered by the bank.

See how bankers benefit with our accounts receivable Bank Affiliation Program.


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