UCVC's Bank Program
Benefits of Working With UCVC's Bank Program

Factoring and Accounts Receivable Financing

Factoring and Accounts Receivable Financing Bank Affiliation Program Offers Unique Financing Opportunities

Factoring and Accounts Receivable Financing with the Bank Affiliation Program presents creative financing opportunities to new and existing bank customers who are not candidates for a traditional commercial loan. This turn-key factoring program exists to enable banks to grow deposits and fee income for clients that the bank would normally turn down for traditional commercial loans.

Why Do Banks Work With UCVC Funding?for Factoring and Accounts Receivable Financing®?

Banks participate in our affiliate factoring program because they value the opportunity the program offers to add new clients and to maintain existing clients even when those clients do not meet standard bank lending requirements. UCVC bears sole risk of all factoring transactions, making this an irresistible offer to banking institutions. UCVC's Bank Affiliation Program enables banks to outsource and offer factoring and accounts receivable financing as a financial solution for new or existing customers and to grow deposit and fee income for traditional commercial loan clients that the bank would normally have to turn away.

Factoring With an Accounts Receivable Financing Relationship is Only the Beginning

UCVC’s factoring program applies to new or existing customers that the bank is not able to help with a traditional commercial loan. Below is an outline of how our accounts receivable financing program works.

  • The bank refers what it would consider non-bankable transactions to UCVC Funding.
  • UCVC works with these clients to provide accounts receivable financing.
  • UCVC handles every aspect of the factoring transaction.
  • UCVC bears the sole risk of the factoring transaction.
  • The bank maintains or creates an ongoing deposit relationship with the factoring customer.
  • The bank earns fees on amounts factored by UCVC for the life of the accounts receivable financing account.
  • The bank continues to maintain a relationship with the factoring client and retains the ongoing potential to convert these clients to traditional bank loan programs as their businesses grow.
  • The program is turn-key for the bank.

UCVC Funding offers extensive training to its Bank Affiliate Partners. We offer monthly online and in-person seminars for new or existing loan officers, teaching them how to maintain profitable relationships with customers by offering them an outsourced factoring solution that retains and increases deposits with the bank.

See why more and more banks participate in UCVC's Bank Affiliation Program and are enjoying the benefits of an outsourced, turn-key factoring program for accounts receivable financing.


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