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Invoice Discounting Companies

Invoice discounting companies such as UCVC Funding?provide working capital to businesses that sell products or services on credit to other businesses. Invoice discounting and factoring are two key forms of invoice finance that work on the same principal of advancing companies money for their invoices. Invoice discounting is a more basic service.

Invoice Discounting is a Variation of Factoring

With invoice discounting, as the client company, you collect all debts and UCVC Funding works as a lender ?advancing money to your company against your accounts receivables. Some companies prefer invoice discounting because they want to pay fewer fees and remain solely responsible for collecting debts.

Factoring is full service accounts receivable management that provides your company with immediate cash and enables you to effectively outsource your whole credit control function. UCVC’s factoring services include managing your credit analysis, collection work and accounts-receivable reporting. This is often well suited to smaller companies that do not have a dedicated accounts department.

Invoice Discounting or Factoring? Which Will Benefit Your Company Most?

UCVC Funding believes that every company is unique and that there is always an opportunity to provide a flexible, dynamic in-winstructure.

Benefits of Invoice Discounting?
  • Invoice discounting offers an advance on the total amount owed to you by customers
  • Invoice discounting is available to just about any business even if the business has no proven track record
  • Invoice discounting provides needed capital to any size business
  • Any business that has invoices from credit worthy customers can benefit from this cost-effective way to improve the cash flow
Benefits of Factoring?
  • Factoring works well for startups as well as high-growth businesses, including those cyclical in nature
  • Factoring is also well suited for under-capitalized companies with strong customers, turnarounds or companies with cash-flow problems

See how our invoice discounting factoring company can grow your business, now!


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