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 Broker Training Programs from UCVC Funding
Offer the Keys to a Successful Future

Find Broker Success Through:

  • Great Training
  • Great Mentoring
  • Great Marketing

UCVC Funding broker training programs give you everything you need to start on your path to earning real money and enjoying success for yourself and your family so you can create a great life today and a bright future for tomorrow.  Your factoring broker career is as simple as taking one of our training courses and executing the strategies you will learn.

We make it simple with broker training programs that answer all of your questions. We provide you with all of the tools of the factoring trade.  UCVC Funding uses factoring to provide working capital, that businesses need, when others won’t. This is a fantastic solution for small to medium sized businesses that have cash flow needs.  There is 150 BILLION DOLLARS WORTH OF FACTORING BUSINESS out there every year – UCVC will teach you how to tap into that market, and UCVC will work with you to close every transaction.

Yes, the prospects are out there and our broker training programs and proven marketing materials will tell you exactly what you need to do to identify factoring prospects and make the deal that turns your prospects – into your clients!

Broker Training Program Topics Include:

  • Devising a Broker Plan for Success
  • How to Execute Your Plan
  • How to Stay Committed to Your Broker Plan
  • Applying Proven Marketing Strategies to Get Results
  • Defining Factoring Prospects
  • Examples of Using Factoring & Marketing Techniques by Role Playing
  • Definitions of Factoring Terms
  • Benefits of Factoring To Clients
  • Lead Generation Programs
  • How to use Internet Marketing Successfully
  • How to Use Direct Marketing Effectively
  • How to Use Referral Marketing Effectively  

Broker Training also includes specialized factoring materials that include:

  • Customizable Post Cards
  • Customizable Tri-Fold Brochures
  • Customizable Direct Mail Letters
  • Customizable E-mail Letters
  • Customizable Pocket Folders with inserts
  • Customizable Web site that focuses on factoring as an industry

UCVC Funding broker training programs can help you achieve success in this billion dollar a year business known as FACTORING.  If you give us the time, we will give you the marketing know-how to set your goals high, and achieve them all.  Best of all, not only will UCVC teach you everything you need to know to be successful but we will also walk you through every transaction by being on every call with you to help to get each and every transaction closed. 



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