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Benefits of Working With UCVC's Bank Program

Cash Flow Factoring

Cash flow factoring takes your accounts receivables and converts them into cash. Unpaid receivables or invoices have value in that they are the debt your customer has agreed to pay in the near future. UCVC Funding provides a powerful source of financing and funding for your business through cash flow factoring. Factoring is the financial backbone of many of America most successful businesses using this funding solution to free up billions in revenue to provide working capital. Since cash flow can be one of the main reasons that businesses fail ?cash flow factoring provides a solution that eliminates the problem of poor cash flow. By factoring, the process of selling accounts receivables to UCVC Funding gives your business access to immediate cash, and transfers the responsibility of collecting the invoice debts to UCVC ?the factoring company. By using cash flow factoring you free up time as well as money.

Cash Flow Factoring Offers Many Benefits

  • Cash flow factoring eliminates the wait of 30, 60 or 90 days (or longer) for payment on the product or service you have already delivered

  • Gain instant cash to meet payroll demands

  • Use working capital to increase marketing efforts

  • Have available cash to take advantage of special offers, prices and deals

  • Cash flow factoring provides the means to manufacture more products and to replenish inventory

Cash Flow Factoring Appeals to All Kinds of Business

Factoring can help any qualified business meet its cash flow needs without having to apply for a loan from a bank. Loans can be time consuming to acquire and often are difficult to receive without first having established financial soundness. UCVC Funding is more interested in the ability of our client customers being financially sound. This is a true benefit to any new businesses not yet fully established financially. Also, start-up companies will often net more profit using factoring to shorten the business cycle, which allows for more rapid growth.

Factoring helps to eliminate the need for businesses to wait for debts to be paid in order to receive working capital. Cash flow factoring gives businesses access to immediate cash that enables funds to be reinvested in the business, thereby increasing production, growth and profits. This is why factoring can benefit virtually any business and can be especially appealing to young and/or rapidly growing companies. See how cash flow factoring with UCVC can grow your business, now!


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