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Credit Insurance

Credit provides a privilege from a vendor to their customers, allowing them an extended length of time in order to make a payment on their debt. Customers sometimes pay an added fee for this privilege. Unfortunately not every customer meets their obligations to pay what is due, when it is due. UCVC Funding® offers you protection against this risk. Our business credit insurance will help protect your company against bad debt losses. We have long, established relationships with the nation's largest credit insurance providers. Credit insurance provides protection against financial loss resulting from providing goods or services to a company unable to pay its accounts receivable (due to insolvency or other financial reasons). Credit insurance is useful when there are heavy concentrations in specific receivables or in other situations when protection makes sense. Credit insurance helps you to protect your cash flow while growing your business.

Business Credit Insurance

Business Credit Insurance is a valuable tool for managing your accounts receivables.  With business credit insurance you are not only protected from bad debt due to nonpayment of your clients, but you will also gain the opportunity to offer open credit terms to new accounts without exhausting your credit risk management department.  Business credit insurance may also enable you to trade more effectively with your interests protected.

Credit Insurance Protects Your Accounts Receivable & Helps Your Business

  • Credit insurance allows your business to grow by increasing sales to new and existing customers without risk of non-payment
  • You will get paid, even when your customer can’t
  • Expand into new markets domestically with protected cash flow

Learn more about how business credit insurance can protect you from bad debt loss!



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