Factoring Benefits
Factoring Vs. Other Financing

Factoring Service Offers Tremendous Benefits


Factoring Service with UCVC Funding® benefits small-and-medium-sized companies in the following ways.

1. A FACTORING SERVICE PROVIDES ACCESS TO IMMEDIATE CASH: We advance cash on qualified receivables in less than 24 hours, so you can take care of operating expenses, expansion plans or other necessary expenses.

2. A FACTORING SERVICE CAN ELIMINATE BAD DEBT: Our non-recourse program assumes the risk of bad debt, eliminating expenses from your income statement.

3. A FACTORING SERVICE PROVIDES QUICKER CASH FROM A/R TURNS VIA PROFESSIONAL COLLECTIONS: We handle debt collections in a professional, productive manner, so your staff can focus on higher value-added activities such as sales and marketing. You'll have access to more cash, because it'll be coming in faster and more regularly.
4. A FACTORING SERVICE CAN ELIMINATE OVERHEAD, INVOICE PROCESSING EXPENSES AND COLLECTION COSTS: You eliminate the overhead cost of handling collections and greatly reduce current invoice processing expenses, because UCVC Funding® handles invoice processing, (including posting invoices to our on-line computer system), depositing checks, entering payments, collecting payments and producing regular reports for your review.

5. A FACTORING SERVICE WILL INCREASE SALES BY OFFERING CREDIT TERMS TO CUSTOMERS: You can offer credit terms to your customers to increase your sales without negatively impacting cash flow.

6. A FACTORING SERVICE ALLOWS YOU TO TAP INTO UNLIMITED CAPITAL: Factoring is the only source of business financing that grows with your sales. As sales increase, more money becomes immediately available. Unlike traditional bank financing, factoring generally has no maximum limits to restrict growth.

7. A FACTORING SERVICE ALLOWS YOU TO TAKE ADVANTAGE OF EARLY PAYMENT DISCOUNTS: Most vendors offer discounts for early bill payment. Often, you can receive a 2% discount if you pay these bills within 10 days. This will not only increase your credit rating; it will also defray factoring costs.
8. A FACTORING SERVICE ADDS NO LIABILITY ON YOUR BALANCE SHEET: Factoring is not a business loan; there is no debt, and there are no long term obligations that appear on your balance sheet-making it easier to obtain other financing.

9. A FACTORING SERVICE WILL CREATE CASH FLOW BY LEVERAGING YOUR CUSTOMERS CREDIT: You don't need good credit or a long-term operating history for factoring services; all you need are credit-worthy customers.

10. A FACTORING SERVICE HELPS YOU BUILD YOUR CREDIT RATING: Once you begin factoring and have adequate cash flow, you'll be able to pay your vendors on time and establish a good credit rating, which will enable you to get credit from other vendors and other financial institutions.

11. THE FACTORING SERVICE PROCESS IS FAST, EASY, AND RELIABLE: Just fill out the Pre-Qualification Immediately form, provide some basic information about your company and your approval can be quickly confirmed. You'll be on your way to factoring within 24 hours of generating invoices.

12. A FACTORING SERVICE ALLOWS YOU TO CONCENTRATE ON MARKETING AND SECURING NEW ACCOUNTS: Use the time you've previously spent on collections, administration, bookkeeping and banking-and spend it on marketing, sales and other business-growing activities.

13. A FACTORING SERVICE HAS NO MULTI-YEAR OBLIGATIONS: With factoring, there are no multi-year contracts to sign. Once approved, you can factor as little or as much as you like.

See how factoring services can put cash into your business today!


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