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UCVC Funding is committed to supporting, training and developing cash flow UCVC and intermediaries to realize financial success in the specialized financial field of factoring. That's why all UCVC and intermediaries will be protected and will realize income from clients referred to us for the life of the account. We cater to both new and experienced factoring UCVC. Experienced UCVC will appreciate our FAST, EASY, and RELIABLE methodology, while newer cash flow UCVC will appreciate our patient "earn and learn" approach. All will be impressed with our depth of factoring knowledge, industry experience and know-how. In fact, we've developed our own factoring broker training series to teach every aspect of the factoring process-sales, marketing and prospect development. CLICK HERE TO COMPLETE OUR QUICK APPLICATION & BECOME A PART OF UCVC'S BROKER NETWORK IMMEDIATELY.

Click here to download information about our broker training programs.

Here are some of the major benefits to factoring UCVC who work with UCVC Funding®:

1. 24/7 One-On-One Access to A UCVC Executive
You'll have 24/7 access to a key UCVC executive servicing you and your clients, including the initial prospect development stage.

2. Fast Response Time
At UCVC we're committed to moving quickly and efficiently. Our goal is to process proposals within 24 hours and close transactions within one week of receiving all necessary client documentation.

3. Easy Process
Our process is easy and simple. There are no loan committees or complicated qualification procedures. We can usually finance your client if they have valid accounts receivable from credit-worthy customers.

4. Flexible Procedures
We don't use pre-established formulas to determine if your prospects qualify for our services. We aim to do whatever's necessary to complete a transaction.
5. Aggressive Advance Rates
We can advance up to 90% of the face amount of accounts receivable, giving your clients he maximum amount of up-front capital on each transaction.
6. In-house Professionals
You and your clients will always speak with a professional dedicated to addressing challenges or answering your question.

7. Industry's BEST Broker Commission Rates
We pay factoring UCVC based on the industry's highest and most competitive commission structure. Best of all, UCVC receive commissions for the life of the account. We will also honor all "success fees" due by your client.

8. UCVC On-line Account Management

Our on-line, real-time account-management system empowers your clients to access account information 24/7 (which makes them more comfortable and in control of the factoring process).

9. Specializing in Small and Medium-sized Businesses
We fund accounts with a minimum of $50,000 in outstanding accounts receivable in a manner that's flexible for you and your clients.

10. Uniquely Structured Transactions
We can structure transactions to meet a variety of special needs and circumstances.

11. Relationships Protected
We protect all relationships from referral sources.

12. Expanded Product Offerings
We offer your clients an assortment of additional financial services to help meet their financial goals.


We offer potential cash flow UCVC an all-encompassing cash flow broker training program covering every aspect of commercial factoring. The course includes factoring basics, factoring advanced topics, sales and marketing techniques and lead-generation strategies.

If becoming a cash flow broker working for UCVC interests you, just CLICK HERE to fill out on-line broker form and we'll contact you personally about joining the UCVC broker network. You have nothing to lose-and a valuable cash flow source to gain.

Experienced Factoring UCVC Work With An Industry Leader

If you are an experienced factoring broker you will appreciate UCVC's professional yet customer friendly approach Take advantage of working with an industry leader that provides fast, easy and flexible factoring solutions for your prospects.

Join forces with UCVC Funding® TODAY!

If you are interested in learn more about our exciting opportunities for factoring UCVC, Pls contact us:



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