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Receivables Factoring Success Stories

"My business was growing at a rapid pace. I thought I had enough cash flow to make it through, but did not realize how much of an impact extending credit to my customers would have on my cash position. Customers were paying me in 35 days, but I needed cash immediately. Factoring was the answer. By factoring my receivables, I was able to generate cash flow to continue growing."
- Staffing Company Executive
"My customers were all good, credit-worthy accounts. They were just taking longer than I expected to pay. I thought they were going to pay in 30 days, and it turns out they were paying in 60. Receivable factoring was my salvation, as now I am getting the cash I need within a day after creating an invoice."
- Distribution Company Owner
"Everything was going great until we lost a major account. My profitability went down. And as a result, my bank got nervous and called my loan. Luckily for me, my accountant knew about a great option- receivables factoring. Within two weeks, the bank was out, the factor was in and my cash flow and profitability starting coming back."
- Manufacturer, Electronics Products
"I was starting an import and distribution business. Had great contacts and customers but insufficient funds to pull it all together. I went to three banks and was turned down by all of them. I began researching alternative finance strategies, and that is when I found receivable factoring. Now my business is thriving, and I have the cash flow to reach my sales and marketing objectives."
- Owner, Import Company
"We sell goods to large retailers and have been doing so for five years. We had a great relationship with our bank. Then, our inventory began to build up due to some delays in purchase orders. All of a sudden, our bank decided to call our loan. We were panicked. Then we learned about factoring and how receivables financing could give us the cash flow we needed to grow and thrive. Today we are doing great again, and our inventory is moving out just as expected."
- Manufacturer and Distributor
"I'm a typical entrepreneur. I'm involved in all aspects of my business, from sales to collecting money to making sure bills get paid timely. Receivable factoring has been a godsend for my business-not only because of the cash advances, but because of the other services included. Now I have a credit department, a receivable department and a collection department, all outsourced and included in my factoring fees. And now I can focus on things that are important to the business long term, like sales and marketing strategies."
- Entrepreneur
"We needed cash to purchase a company that was a great fit for our organization. We went to venture capital firms, banks and other finance companies. They all said no. We knew the new business was a great fit. We just needed someone who could provide some cash for the initial buyout. That's when we learned about factoring. We used the receivables of the new company to leverage our purchase. Now we factor all our receivables, and the new business we purchased is working out great.
- Buyout Partner

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