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Factoring Accounts Receivable for Qualified Clients

UCVC Guidelines for Funding

UCVC’s guidelines for funding are flexible and intended to meet the specific cash flow needs of our clients. With UCVC, just about any business can qualify for factoring accounts receivable provided it:

  • Sells to other credit worthy businesses and not to individual consumers
  • Has unencumbered accounts receivable
  • Wants to factor at least $50,000 per month in accounts receivable
  • Receivables are due from a corporation or a local, state or federal government agency (but not from any kind of Medicaid or Medicare reimbursement entity)

Factoring Companies Are Cash Management Providers

Most of our clients factoring accounts receivable with UCVC Funding?are either:
  • Fast growing companies whose past earnings and sales histories do not justify traditional financing necessary to grow and build a business 
  • Start-up operations with no financing base to rely upon
  • Companies with seasonal or uneven sales patterns
  • Principles with poor credit that cannot obtain traditional financing for their business

See how factoring accounts receivable can turn your receipts into cash!


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