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Invoice Discounting

Invoice discounting is available to businesses that sell products or services on credit to other businesses. Invoice discounters offer an advance on the total amount owed to you by customers. Invoice discounting is available to just about any business even if the business has no proven track record.  Invoice discounting provides needed capital to any size business. Any business that has invoices from credit worthy customers can benefit from this cost-effective way to improve the cash flow.

Invoice Factoring Rates

UCVC’s low invoice factoring rates offer you maximum benefits from our invoice factoring programs.  Our invoice factoring allows you to maintain control over your business while still being provided with finance.  UCVC offers valuable support services and credit insurance with low invoice factoring rates to make factoring a cost effective transaction for your business.   We calculate invoice factoring rates with a series of fee structures.  Invoice factoring rates are based upon:

  • Your Industry
  • The credit worthiness of your customers
  • How quickly your invoices turn
  • Monthly invoice factoring volume
  • And other factors

See how invoice factoring with low factoring rates can put cash into your business today!



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