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Minority Factoring

Commitment to Minority Owned Businesses:

Supporting minority factoring is something that UCVC Funding?takes great pride in doing. We are committed to serving minority-owned businesses, including Hispanic-owned businesses, women-owned businesses and African-American-owned businesses. It has been our experience that for minority owned businesses factoring is a very effective solution. Many minority owned businesses find traditional commercial bank financing unavailable because they lack adequate financial history, credit scores, net worth or other assets to pledge as collateral.


Minority factoring solves a common dilemma among many minority business owners. Often they will succeed in winning lucrative procurement contracts but then find themselves unable to finance their growth. With factoring, unlike traditional lenders, we don't focus on the credit or financial condition of our clients. Instead, we look at the quality of our clients?accounts receivable and make crucial cash flow immediately available without lengthy application and loan procedures. We finance a wide range of industries and will purchase valid accounts receivable from minority-owned businesses to help them secure the cash flow they need to grow.

Minority Factoring…The Perfect Vehicle for Financing Supply and Procurement Programs

Today's largest corporations have instituted minority supply and procurement programs to increase the amount of business allocated to minority-owned firms. A factoring program is a perfect financing vehicle for these types of programs. We can work closely with any minority-owned business to implement a creative, flexible funding program ideal for your business.
Minority Factoring Affiliations:

We're proud members of the Latin Business Association. We're also affiliated with many other national and regional business organizations. Through our minority factoring involvement in these organizations, we stay current on important issues facing all minority-owned businesses.

See how our minority factoring initiatives can help your business grow with cash!


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