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Accounts Receivable Financing Services and More!

We Are Proud to Offer Support Beyond Accounts Receivable Financing Services

Accounts receivable financing services are the foundation of UCVC Funding?though we provide much more than just factoring services. We pride ourselves on understanding the needs of small-to-medium-sized U.S. businesses and developing a full range of financial products to meet those needs.
Accounts Receivable Management
We can manage your entire accounts receivable process for you including invoice processing, posting and reporting. This frees up your time for other revenue-generating activities such as sales and marketing. Our accounts receivable management work also includes credit analysis and decisions for new and existing customers. It's like having your own experienced credit manager on staff.
Collection Work
We perform collection services on your behalf in a professional, courteous manner. Outsourcing collection lets you separate sales from collections. You no longer need to make uncomfortable collection calls; instead, you can focus on more exciting, revenue generating sales calls. It’s like having your own professional collection department without the collection work expense.
Purchase Order Finance
We offer purchase-order financing - the funding of purchase orders from credit-worthy clients-through our affiliate partners. Purchase order financing is beneficial to companies that need funds to manufacture or assemble products being marketing to a quality customer base. We can help bridge this financial gap.
Credit Insurance
We have long, established relationships with the nation's largest credit insurance providers. Credit insurance protects a party against financial loss resulting from providing goods or services to a company unable to pay its account receivable (due to insolvency or other financial reasons). Credit insurance is useful when there are heavy concentrations in specific receivables or in other situations when protection makes sense. We can work with you to develop the right credit insurance program for your company.
Vendor Guarantees
We offer specialized guarantees to clients' vendors, called vendor guarantees. These basically provide insurance to your vendor that they'll get paid-either directly by us if you default or directly from your accounts receivable when they're paid. Vendor guarantees are powerful financing mechanisms that can extend your ability to get goods or services from suppliers or vendors.

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