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Purchase Order Financing Helps Get the Job Done

We offer purchase-order financing - the funding of purchase orders from credit-worthy clients-through our affiliate partners. Our Purchase Order Financing Program helps clients who have been awarded a purchase order but do not have the capital necessary to fulfill it.  

Purchase Order Financing Bridges the Financial Gap

Purchase order financing is beneficial to companies that need funds to manufacture or assemble products being marketing to creditworthy customers. We can help bridge this financial gap with purchase order financing. 

The terms of the purchase order financing agreement are very specific, requiring the borrower to use loan funds for the purchase of certain materials needed to deliver goods to the end-customer. An example of this would be a clothing manufacturer using purchase order financing to purchase finished goods to be sold to a reputable department store chain.

Reasons for Using Purchase Order Financing

  • Provides working capital for those who have insufficient funds to complete a transaction
  • Lends expertise and security to international import and export transactions
  • Provides working capital to businesses that are unable to obtain bank loans
  • Helps to quickly expedite orders and sales
  • Allows clients to do more business and expand growth
  • Allows your business to maintain anonymity between end buyer and manufacturer by using the purchase order fund provider as the liaison
  • Client gains expert operational support for smoother transactions

See how purchase order financing can put cash into your business, now!



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